Family Owned & Operated Since 1931

With $2.00 in his pocket, Agostino Giuntoli arrived in San Francisco in 1929. He worked as a janitor, busboy, then cook and in 1931 opened the 365 Club on Market Street with a partner. It was his partner who had difficulty with pronouncing Agostino, and so he began calling Mr. Giuntoli by the nickname, Bimbo, which is Italian for boy. The 365 Club quickly became the most popular nightclub on “The West Coast”. It was famous for the glamour of showgirls performing two cabaret shows each night, accompanied by a fine three-course meal. Bimbo moved his establishment to the current location in 1951. Today Bimbo’s grandsons maintain this legacy by continuing the tradition of booking headline talent, corporate events and banquets.